C/ Villanueva 27, 1º Dcha, 28001. Madrid (Madrid)
913 19 43 48
L-V de 9:00 a 21:00 | S-D cerrado

For us, psychologists and therapists in Lagasca, the human being is at the centre of our work and the attention we give to all aspects of his therapeutic process is fundamental.

That is why we have designed the centre as an extension of our homes so that the patient can feel at home, an inviting place where he feels comfortable to facilitate his therapeutic work.

The location of the C./ Villanueva 27 centre has been chosen to make it easier to get there and to reduce journey times, with 3 nearby metro stations (Velázquez, Príncipe de Vergara and Retiro), with a nearby public car park (C/ Velazquez), and bus stops serving numerous bus lines in the adjacent streets (C/ Velázquez, C/ Alcala, C/ Goya and C/ Príncipe de Vergara).

Finally, we would like to be your psychologist in Madrid.

You can find more information about our location and how to get there on the Where we are page.

– C/ Villanueva 27, Madrid (Barrio de Salamanca – Retiro) –

Entrance hall of Centro Terapéutico Lagasca

  • Entrada de Lagasca

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Workplaces and offices

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  • Despacho 1

  • Sillón de trabajo

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  • Sala de formación

  • Sala de trabajo emocional

  • Vestuario sala de trabajo emocional


Identity details

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  • Nuestros coterapeutas

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  • Sillón de trabajo

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