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Psychiatrist and Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapist – Madrid

More than 40 years of experience in psychotherapeutic accompaniment.

Humanistic Psychotherapist with a long experience in Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Bioenergetics, Psychodrama, Trauma, Emotional Therapy and Directed Fantasies.

Member of the Centro de Terapias de Grupo, CENTEGRUPO (Caracas, Vla.) in which we develop therapeutic and formative workshops and seminars with invited professionals. Some relevant:

  • Muriel James: Transactional Analysis
  • Arthur Janov: Primary Therapy
  • Virginia Satir: Joint Family Therapy
  • Daniel Casriel: Closed treatment centres. Synanon.
  • Ida Rolf: Structural Integration
  • Manuel Barroso: Gestalt Therapy
  • Jose Geller: Psychodrama

Surgeon. Specialist in Psychiatry from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Superior Studies of Criminology by the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Complutense Madrid.

Founding Director of the Juvenile Detention Center “City of Caracas” under the sponsorship of the Attorney General’s Office, the Prefecture of the Department of Libertador and the Municipal Council of Caracas.

Advisor to the Commission Against the Misuse of Drugs (CONACUID)

Advisor to the Minister of Youth, Caracas, Venezuela:

-Project coordinator, creation of ten closed therapy centres for young drug addicts.

Director in Charge of the Instituto Nacional del Menor (Caracas, Vla.)

Specialist Doctor Uno, Directorate of Prisons of the Ministry of Justice (Specialist of the Psychiatric Annex. General Penitentiary of Venezuela).

Psychiatrist Coordinator of the technical team, Centro de Reclusión La Planta (Instituto Nacional del Menor, INAM (Caracas, Venezuela).

Internal Medicine, Santa Isabel Psychiatric Hospital (Leganés)

Substitute for Dr. Emilio Pelaz Martínez (Social Security Consultation, RENFE psychiatrist and Ministry of Housing (Madrid).

Doctor in charge of the women’s ward of the Psychiatry Service of the San Carlos Hospital (under the supervision of Dr. Idelfonso López Caños), Madrid.

Bilingual Spanish and English

My understanding of the therapeutic process

As a psychotherapist, at this time, I could define myself as inclined toward integrative humanistic psychotherapy. A few years ago I would have spoken of eclecticism, not adhering to any particular school, but taking the ideas that I know and that seem more appropriate for the overall welfare of patients, thus coming to assemble a paradigm broad, open, flexible and continuously growing. The patients in each therapy session contribute to this with their history, their ideas, their tears and laughter: an enriching encounter between two (or more) human beings.

A close relationship, based on trust and respect that allows the patient, perhaps for the first time, to establish a bond of secure attachment, a secure basis from which to resume their personal growth and the power to love without fear.

As a doctor and psychiatrist, I am constantly aware of the possible presence of symptoms which, by their nature or intensity, may require the use of psychotropic medications. Not only do I prescribe them very rarely, but I have dedicated myself with special interest to helping patients who do not need them (and who are the vast majority) to stop taking them.

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