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Welcome to Lagasca, your English-speaking psychologist in Madrid

Lagasca is a clinical center approved by the Comunidad de Madrid, which brings together a team of recognised psychologists and therapists with experience in therapeutic accompaniment. Each team member has the necessary skills to respond to different needs.

In Lagasca, we work according to the integrative, humanistic approach to therapy, according to which everyone has the necessary internal resources to overcome difficulties, resolve conflicts and heal. Our goal is to accompany those who ask us for help on their journey.

Why us?

We have an integrated team of professionals who work together. All our psychologists and therapists will help you and accompany you on the path of personal growth. The beginning of a therapeutic process is an opportunity to overcome fears, difficulties and painful situations, to grow and live fully. The path is not always easy, but our English speaking specialists, psychologists and therapists will accompany you.

English-speaking emigrants are the focus of our work

Moving abroad is not always easy. A new culture, new friendships (or the impossibility to have them), distance, uprooting and the loss of points of reference are problems that very often occur with English emigrants in Madrid. In Lagasca each situation is treated with the know-how and experience we have acquired over the years. Having an English-speaking psychologist in Madrid can help us a lot.

But not only

Whether we are plagued by the longing for our country or not, whether we are going through the difficulties of those who have to change their lives to get to another country and another city or not, we all suffer. In Lagasca we have the means to help you solve your problems and grow. A psychologist in Madrid who speaks English can help you a lot. It’s always easier to understand yourself and talk about what you find most difficult in your own language.

Online therapy

Thanks to the rapid pace of technological progress, the number of patients moving towards online support is constantly increasing. In the society in which we live, (geographical) mobility, lack of time, travel or long working days can make it difficult to start and continue a therapeutic process.

This type of intervention can be of both psychological orientation and psychotherapeutic, individual and family support.

Psychotherapy in English.

Psychological guidance.

There are patients who want to solve a contingent and specific situation with a limited number of sessions. This type of intervention can be carried out individually or in couples and has a psychoeducational character.

Psychotherapeutic accompaniment.

Sometimes past experiences, consciously or unconsciously, affect the patient’s present and influence the way he or she perceives himself or herself, others and the outside world. In this type of consciousness- and growth-oriented support, it is the patient who determines the frequency and intensity of the intervention. It can be an individual, couple or group journey.

Therapy with children

In many cases, it is the youngest who need a space to work on issues that block their emotional development. In Lagasca, our goal is to help them develop new perspectives and action skills. We work with children using play therapy. We want to support you and your child in a strengthening way.

Family (and couple) mediation

It is a kind of intervention aimed at resolving family conflicts peacefully. The mediator-psychologist’s aim is to stimulate a change in the family communication process and thus to look at conflicts from a different perspective. This type of intervention is particularly useful in conflicts between parents and adolescents.

C/ Villanueva 27, 1º Dch. 28001 Madrid
Hours: M-F from 9:00 to 21:00
Telephone:+34 91 319 4348



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